Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10 Events in 2011 That We Can... Learn From/Help/Influence

1. Brazilian Flooding and Mudslide - How can we help get residence back on their feet?
2. Borders Group Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy - What lessons can we take from this company's closure?
3. Tsunami Slams Japanese Coast - Can we create a project to raise money for victims?
4. Rod Blagojevich Corruption Trial - What ethical lessons can we draw from this trial?
5. Tornado Strikes Joplin, MO – How can help small businesses and individuals who suffered?
6. Wildfires Across Central Texas – What can be done to help aid victims?
7. Obama's Job Package - Unemployment continues to be a problem in the United States. How can we influence this issue?
8. Occupy Wall Street – What are the ethical implications associated with this movement?
9. Bank of America Debit Card Fees Created and Canceled – What lessons can be taken away from this strategy?
10. Steve Jobs memoir released – What business can you start? What product can you start? How can you be a strong leader?

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