Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5 Lessons From the Beginning of A New Business Endeavor

Recently I had an idea for a product. This is not a unique occurrence. I often find myself coming up with new ideas while I am working. However, this time for some reason I have actually begun the process of making and distributing this item. I must say that thus far it has been an exciting and rewarding venture. Here are some lessons I have learned in the beginning stages of my new endeavor. 

1. Become a "do-er" rather then a "thinker": Like I previously mentioned I often think of new ideas. Most of the time they sit in my mind and never see the light of day. Make the change and reap the rewards. 

2. Stick to what you know: If you know how to paint then create a painting. If you aren't a painter and you set out to become an artist you will have a much harder time finishing your first piece of work. You may have to buy supplies, take courses, and spend hours working on your new skill. However if you are a painter then you probably have the tools you need and you have acquired the skills over time already.

3. Get your hands dirty: Although a business plan is important you should not start your product off by sitting behind a computer writing about it. In the past I became so discouraged while typing the business plan that I was out of energy when it was time to make the actual product. I suggest working on the physical product for some time and then type the business plan. 

4. Done is better then perfect: Sometimes seeing a finished product with flaws is better then having nothing completed at all. Often times we become so focused on creating it perfectly that it never even gets finished at all. There is always time to perfect a finished product. Sometimes you can even use feedback from your customers to continue to improve the product. 

5. Keep cost low: Don't spend extravagantly in the beginning on supplies and materials. Be sure that every cent that is spent can be justified. Cut costs by purchasing sale items and don't be afraid to search for the best deals. 

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